Landscape Curbing

Landscape Curbing Lafayette, IN Every landscape has various features in it, including living installations like trees, plants, and lawns. The hardscaping elements balance out these living features and need to be designed and installed with care. Since all outdoor spaces are open to the air, it's necessary to ensure that suitable quality materials are used in every feature. Also, you need to make sure that skilled and experienced hardscapers are handling the installation.

A landscape will have several noticeable features like walkways and driveways etc. However, certain installations aren't as prominent but are essential, all the same. Landscape curbing is one such feature that enhances the appeal of the landscape, yet is very unobtrusive too.

We at Curbmasters Inc. offer top quality concrete curbing services to residential and commercial clients. Our team makes sure that these features blend in perfectly with all of the other elements in your landscape. Curbing that has been constructed using the right quality materials will perform well and be able to withstand exposure to the elements well too.

Our customized and personalized approach helps to ensure that these features in your landscape have a purpose and are resilient and aesthetically appealing. We cater to clients in and around Dayton, and you can trust us to provide reliable and cost-effective concrete curbing installation services.

Concrete Landscape Curbing - The Benefits

Curbing is sometimes also called strip edging or landscape borders, and there are numerous benefits to getting it installed, such as:

  • It helps create the boundaries you want in your landscape.
  • The right kind of curbing features can save you a significant amount of time on trimming your lawns. You don’t have to worry about the lawn maintenance equipment becoming damaged from moving onto the pathways and walkways.
  • If you prefer a low profile curbing, we can install that too. It serves the same purpose a standard curbing but isn’t as obvious.
  • Slant style concrete curbing is more visible from a distance, and it looks great in more expansive landscapes.
  • Well designed and expertly installed landscape edging creates a beautiful look in the outdoor areas of your home or commercial property and lends structure and perspective to it.
  • Concrete curb installations are resilient, practical, and cost-effective. Some landscapes have rubber/wood edging, but those aren’t as robust as concrete features.
  • Some property owners prefer natural stone curbing, and we can provide those options as well.
  • Good quality curbing for yards is straightforward to maintain, and you only need to pressure clean it occasionally.
  • These features also help ensure that the grass grows in the designated areas and doesn't get trampled underfoot along the edges of the walkways.
  • The concrete is mixed on-site and poured into place, so we can customize the feature and make sure that the style blends in with your landscape layout and plans.

If you are looking for landscape curb edges that will last for many years, contact us with your requirement. We can provide custom features with the right finishes. If you are looking for high-quality landscape curbing solutions from proven experts, we at Curbmasters Inc. are the company to call.

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