Green Build

Green Build Lafayette, IN Today, many people are jumping onto the “green” bandwagon. They are consciously opting for eco-friendly options in various aspects of their lives. This extends to home construction as well. Many homebuilders and landscapers now get queries from clients that are interested in using green building materials in their projects. The focus is on saving energy and water as well as sustainability.

We at Curbmasters Inc. offer top quality green build services to residential and commercial clients. Our customized and personalized approach helps to ensure that every element in your landscape has purpose and is functional and aesthetically appealing. But, we are also very conscious about the environment and are more than happy to provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs.

Custom Green Build Services

We cater to clients in and around Dayton and you can trust us to provide reliable and cost-effective eco-friendly construction services. When we are designing hardscapes, the focus is always on making sure that our solutions provide customers value for money.

When it comes to green build landscaping projects, there are many things that can be done to create a truly well-balanced space. It’s about ensuring that every feature is either energy-efficient and/or water-efficient in some way. In addition to the right plant and tree choices, it’s also essential to choose the right hardscaping materials.

This is where permeable pavers come in. Today, many reputable companies like Belgard manufacture permeable paving. These paver stone allow water to permeate into the ground below and replenish the water table.

About Permeable Pavers

What does Green build and pavers have in common?, you ask. Well, there has been a big movement to try to minimize the environmental toll that stormwaters have on our local cities stormwater treatment facilities. When stormwater amounts exceed the facilities capacity the stormwaters can find themselves diverted to our natural stream, rivers, and lakes. This in turn, pollutes these natural systems.

What the paver industry has done to help remedy this situation is to create permeable paver systems. In these systems the concrete paver joints are widened and filled with small angular stones chips, which allows water to flow freely through the system. All and all, the system allows the rain water to return to the subsoils, leaving it where it falls or slowly meters it back into the storm sewer at a controllable rate. The following is a list of credits that the USGBC recognizes in their LEED programs:

Custom Green Build Solutions

We are a leading company in the hardscaping industry and always focus on being on trend with various new hardscape products, materials and techniques. We offer our clients the best quality, custom green build services that are also very cost-effective. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to offer industry-leading solutions to our clients. All the materials we use in our work are of the highest-grade and our team is trained in the latest hardscaping techniques. It means our clients are always assured of the best services at all times.

If you are looking for high quality green construction solutions from proven experts, we at Curbmasters Inc. are the company to call. For any more information about our services or for a free estimate, call us on this number- (765) 449-9093. You can also send us your queries or project details through this Contact Us form.